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Wealth Management

Individualized portfolio strategies. 

Dedicated to our clients’ best interests with an emphasis on honesty, integrity, and excellence.

Wealth Management Programs & Offerings

Our offerings are designed to meet our clients’ long-term investment goals, with a specialization in global investing. Our programs are fee based only, which means our fees only go up as your account value grows, and in this way our interests are aligned with our clients.

The process begins with an initial consultation with one of our financial advisors, who will assess your current financial situation and your goals.  Our advisors will then present a few portfolio options that will be suitable for your specific situation. In some cases we will represent only a portion of our overall client’s net worth. In other cases, our clients may choose to invest their entire net worth with us and we can build a custom tailored portfolio to meet their needs.

We offer a number of strategies, with an established track record, which can be invested in solely or combined into portfolio models for a more diversified approach:

  • International Value
  • International Dividend Income
  • International Fixed Income
  • Emerging Markets
  • Precious Metals
  • Conservative Allocation (combined)
  • Moderate Allocation (combined)
  • Aggressive Allocation (combined)
  • Custom allocation, including international, domestic, equity and fixed income

We offer two main types of wealth management accounts, a Separately Managed Account  and a Wrap Account.

In the Separately Managed Account Program, we will buy individual stocks and bonds inside of the account. In a wrap program, we will buy our proprietary mutual funds. There are some potential tax advantages to a separately managed account, such as directed selling of individual securities to achieve a tax loss or tax gain. The main advantage to a wrap program is that our clients will achieve additional diversification and the simplicity of tracking only a few positions. When investing in our Wrap Program, clients will be rebated the mutual fund management fee so that Euro Pacific does not earn double fees, one on the wrap account and one inside of the funds. Please refer to our ADV II brochure for more information.

Wealth Management Program

Separately Managed Account

$250,000 Minimum Investment

Our Separately Managed Accounts provide access to each one of our strategies, or a combination of each to meet your investment objectives. The same team that manages our registered mutual funds oversees management of our separately managed accounts, including Peter Schiff as the investment committee chair.

Key Benefits:

  • Direct access to Euro Pacific’s investment strategies, with Peter Schiff as investment committee chair
  • Dedicated financial advisor you can reach out to on a regular basis to review your account and refer to for financial questions and advice
  • Complete transparency of portfolio holdings
  • Potential tax benefits of targeted tax-loss/gain selling instructions

Account Types:

Portfolio Models:

Firm Brochure

Client Relationship Summary

Wealth Management Program

Wrap Account

$50,000 Minimum Investment

Wrap Accounts seek to match individual investment objectives and risk tolerance with five managed investment styles that involve varying weightings of Euro Pacific Asset Management’s five mutual funds. Each investment style offers a different level of risk. Clients in the wrap program will see little turnover in their mutual fund holdings, as most of the trading will be happening inside of the funds. Changes to the overall allocation will typically only be to adjust the risk, and in some instances to take advantage of significant opportunities the portfolio management team may see in market mispricing.

Key Benefits

  • Direct access to Euro Pacific’s investment strategies, with Peter Schiff as investment committee chair
  • Dedicated financial advisor you can reach out to on a regular basis to review your account and refer to for financial questions and advice
  • Potential to earn additional diversification beyond the separately managed accounts
  • Access to the funds load-waived, with a rebate of the mutual fund advisory fee so clients do not pay double fees

Firm Brochure

Client Relationship Summary

WRAP Brochure

Mutual Fund Account

$2,500 to $50,000 Investment

For investments between $2,500 and $50,000, you can open an account online now by choosing Open an Account Online below or sending an application in by mail. To invest with us by mail, please download and fill out the New Account Application Form or IRA Account Application Form at the bottom of this page, then send the completed forms to one of the listed mailing addresses. Note: Our mutual funds are also available, load-waived on several brokerage platforms including Fidelity, Schwab, E-Trade, TD Ameritrade, Interactive Brokers and more.

Firm Brochure

Client Relationship Summary

Open a Mutual Fund Account By Mail

Regular Mail:
Euro Pacific Funds
P.O. Box 2175
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201

Overnight Delivery:
Euro Pacific Funds
235 West Galena Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53212

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