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What services do we provide?

Euro Pacific Asset Management, LLC is a full-service fee-only investment advisor and asset management company with a fierce dedication to our clients. We provide financial planning and portfolio management services with an emphasis on global investing.

  • With a wide range of globally focused strategies, we can provide an appropriate investment strategy for each individual client.
  • We have an experienced, qualified and long-tenured in-house portfolio management team that works well together for the benefit of our clients.
  • Our service team is dedicated to clear communication and transparency, putting clients at ease with our care for their hard-earned assets.
  • Our services are fee-only, so we only do better when our clients do better.
  • Our company culture demands a focus on our clients best interests, with an emphasis on honesty, integrity and excellence in all we do.

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True wealth is created through savings, capital investment, and productivity growth.

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Firm Overview

Our views on the world economy and investing are anchored by the belief that true wealth is created through savings, capital investment, and productivity growth; not debt fueled consumption. Increasingly, investors are realizing that their exposure in various countries and currencies, if applied regardless of fundamentals, can be a very risky approach to asset allocation and investing. Understanding these fundamentals and their appropriate application is where Euro Pacific Asset Management excels.

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2Q23 Update & Outlook

Interest rates are at 20-yr highs, yet unemployment is at 50-yr lows, core-PCE is near 30-yr highs, and Wall Street (and Fed) economic forecasts continue ...

2023 Outlook & Strategy Update

We believe Powell will “keep at it”. But we also believe he has misdiagnosed the 1970’s inflation, and his policy prescription may exacerbate the inflation ...

Washington D.C. Goes Full Orwellian

An audacious communications campaign from Democrats in Washington is currently underway that is attempting to convince the public that: There is no recession Inflation has ...

The Real Threat - July 30, 2020

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